Worth a Look

24 Jan Worth a Look

A collection of articles from around the web that caught our attention this week. We think they’re worth a look.

Don’t Waste Your Dorm, Wes Smith – Your college years have the potential to be the most strategic time of your life for reaching people with the Gospel. In this post, our very own Summit College Pastor of Discipleship Wes Smith outlines some key principles for thinking missionally about your time in college.

Why I Am a Continuationist, Sam Storms and Why I Am a Cessationist, Thomas Schreiner – Questions about the nature of charismatic gifts have recently been brought into the spotlight, thanks, in part, to the Strange Fire conference this past October. These complementary posts from The Gospel Coalition offer arguments for both sides of the issue and should be helpful in approaching charismatic theology in a biblical manner.

Relentlessly Call Abortion What It Really Is, Jon Bloom – This week marks the 41st anniversary of “Roe v. Wade,” the landmark Supreme Court decision that eliminated abortion laws in the United States. Jon Bloom takes a somber look at the issue and encourages Christians to keep speaking out against the killing of the unborn.

The Gospel for a Gay Friend, Garrett Kell – The Gospel is good news, even for those who struggle with same-sex attraction. Thinking about homosexuality from a biblical, Christ-centered perspective is essential. This Gospel Coalition post offers seven ideas to keep in mind as we consider this topic, while also reminding us that we’re not trying to point homosexuals toward heterosexuality, we’re trying to point sinners toward a Savior.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Undercover at Gold’s Gym – What happens when the Governator goes “undercover” at a Gold’s Gym? We laugh.


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