Worth A Look: The Science Guy, Tweeting the Bible, and the Winter Olympics

07 Feb Worth A Look: The Science Guy, Tweeting the Bible, and the Winter Olympics

A collection of articles from around the web that caught our attention this week. We think they’re worth a look.

Bill Nye’s Reasonable Man And The Central Worldview Clash Of The Ham Nye Debate, Albert Mohler – A highly publicized debate took place this week between “The Science Guy” Bill Nye and Christian apologist Ken Ham. Mohler makes the case that the central issue of the debate was something much deeper than the age of the earth.

Dear Donald Miller, Jonathan Leeman – In a pair of recent blog posts, Blue Like Jazz author Donald Miller has questioned the institution and structure of the local church. Jonathan Leeman helpfully responds in a Biblical manner, pointing to both textual and practical reasons for belonging to a local church body.

#CanonFodder: The Shortest Ever Commentary on the Whole Bible, Ben Myers – Is it possible to condense a Biblical commentary to 140 characters? Ben Myers does just that with #CannonFodder, tweeting short summaries of each book.

Share In The Glory Of The Winter Games, David Mathis – The 2014 Winter Olympic Games started this week in Sochi, Russa, and whether your favorite event is bobsled or curling, David Mathis wants you to watch in a way that exalts Christ and testifies to the Gospel. This post gives four practical strategies for making that happen.

On The Lighter Side

Toronto Zoo Giant Panda Enjoys Epic Snow Fall

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