Worth A Look: Arguments, Selfies, and Short Term Mission Trips

28 Feb Worth A Look: Arguments, Selfies, and Short Term Mission Trips

A collection of articles from around the web that caught our attention this week. We think they’re worth a look.

Win the Man, Not the Argument, Douglas Wilson – Conversations about religion, and even Christianity itself, can often turn into little more than an intellectual debate. Doug Wilson offers some practical, helpful advice for seeing discussions as a means to love people and treasure the Gospel more, not as a means to win an argument.

Selfies, Self-Deception, and Self-Worship, Josh Philpot – Everybody takes selfies, even the pope. Josh Philpot makes the case that our obsession with tweeting pictures of ourselves reveals important things about our culture. He lovingly admonishes us to behold the glory of the face of God, so that we could say with John the Baptist, “he must increase, we must decrease.”

Reframing Boundaries in Dating, Paul Maxwell – What if “how far is too far?” is the wrong question? True Christian boundaries in dating consist of personal, emotional, spiritual, and sexual protections, and serve not to stifle romance but to promote healthy intimacy.

On Weddings and Conscience: Are Christians Hypocrites?, Russell Moore – Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission, recently came under fire for advising a wedding photographer to refuse the business of same-sex couples. Moore responds by answering a common cultural question: are Christians hypocrites if they don’t affirm the practice of same-sex marriage?

There’s Nothing Short About Short Term Missions, Ramon Lull – A physician who previously served as a missionary in East Africa, Dr. Ramon Lull, looks to the Biblical model of Epaphroditus as a way of reframing the way the church thinks about missions.

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