Worth A Look: Blaise Pascal, Arcade Fire, and Mom

22 Mar Worth A Look: Blaise Pascal, Arcade Fire, and Mom

A collection of articles from around the web that caught our attention this week. We think they’re worth a look.

9 Ways to Fight the Temptation of Pornography, BJ Stockman – Studies routinely show that a vast majority of men (and an increasing number of women) watch pornography online. This is a deadly sin that dishonors God and robs men and women of God of the joy that could be theirs in Christ. BJ Stockman provides some helpful tips on how to resist sin and look to Jesus in the midst of sexual temptations.

Pascal’s Method for Presenting the Christian Faith, Tim Keller – 17th century mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal devoted much of his life to Christianity and philosophy. Tim Keller reflects on Pascal’s method for sharing the Gospel: capturing the heart and the imagination, not only the mind.

What’s Your Next Move, Young Leader?, Ryan Kearns – Young leaders often experience a tension after they’ve realized that God has gifted them, while they’re still trying to refine and grow their giftings. This Resurgence article provides practical advice for seeking to grow and develop during that tension.

Arcade Fire Talks to Missionaries, Alan Noble – Arcade Fire’s newest album features a song about the failings of missionaries in Haiti. In this dissection of the song and its meaning, Alan Noble humbly admits that Christians, all Christians, can be edified by the exhortation in the song.

The Bittersweet Blessing of a Missionary’s Parents, J.D. Greear – Daniel Drake, Summit College director at Duke University, recently committed to be part of a two-year Go Now team to Serbia. Read this touching email exchange between Daniel and his mother that points to the need to treasure Christ above all else.

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