City Project Orientation Week Recap

01 Jun City Project Orientation Week Recap

Friends, family, and supporters of City Project,

This past Tuesday, Summit College welcomed over fifty college students to our summer missions and discipleship program, City Project. As a refresher, City Project lasts eight weeks and consists of three parts:

  • New York City (June 1-7): students will share the gospel with Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs to support the work of a field partner in Queens.
  • Durham (June 8-July 4): students will receive intensive discipleship training in the mornings and serve under-resourced areas in Durham through local outreach organizations in the afternoons.
  • International (July 5-July 20th): students and staff will travel overseas to serve one of Summit’s international church planting partners. Locations include Montreal, London, Belgrade, South Africa, India, and Taipei.

To see more about what City Project is and what our goals are, check out this video!

During orientation, we spent the week together seeking God in prayer, casting vision for the summer, and preparing our hearts to serve him. This morning at 5:30AM, we left Durham to begin the NYC portion of City Project. We have been praying for God’s grace to work in and through us as we go to New York, and are thrilled it is finally here.

This summer our vision is threefold—to see the gospel change our students, to see our students serve the strategic global cities of the world, and for Christ to call many of our students to become long term missionaries to places with little access to the gospel. I am eager to see the Lord work powerfully in and through us this summer, and I am reminded that unless the Spirit of God empowers our efforts, our labor is in vain. In light of this, please join us as we pray:

  • that Christ would open the eyes of our students to understand and believe the gospel more than they ever have before, and that they would be changed by his never-stopping Calvary love.
  • that Christ would build his church in the cities we are going to serve. Pray specifically that he would save the lost and encourage our field partners.
  • that Christ would call many of our students to become long-term missionaries in places that don’t have a gospel witness.

During orientation this week, I read Habakkuk 1:5 to our students: “Look among the nations and see. Wonder and be astounded. For I am doing a work in your days, a work you would not believe if told.” Look among the nations! Jesus is doing a work in our day. He is building his church all around the world, and the gates of Hell will not overcome. In this day. In our day. In our summer. In our students. And he’s doing it through the gospel.“The gospel is power” (Romans 1:16).The historical fact of the grace of Jesus is an unstoppable force for salvation in this world.  Would you expect great things with us as we seek the Lord’s salvation in our summer, in our students, in our world?


Daniel Drake, City Project Director

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