“Why Did You Decide to Do City Project?”

14 Jun “Why Did You Decide to Do City Project?”

With City Project underway, we wanted to take time to share one student’s story of how he heard and answered God’s call on his summer.

Matt Moore’s commitment to City Project started, in a sense, two years ago. In the summer of 2012, Josh Ferguson, Matt’s childhood friend and fellow student at UNC-Chapel Hill, participated in City Project. Since those formative eight weeks, Josh has become a passionate recruiter for Summit College summer projects.

“When I approached Matt about City Project, he had a few small objections, including the typical appeals to internships and his parents wanting him to get a job,” Josh remembers. “Together, we looked at Jesus’ final command in Matthew 28. With all authority over heaven and earth, he commands us to make disciples of all the nations. Matt was also reading in Scripture about how Peter was willing to drop his fishing nets, leave his livelihood behind, and follow Jesus because he is worth it. Through these passages, the Lord began to show Matt that one of the things he was being asked to drop to follow Jesus were his plans for the summer.”

Matt’s initial goals for the summer certainly didn’t include City Project. “Beginning my freshman year at UNC last fall, I wanted wealth, renown, and the admiration of those around me. My plan was to get into the business school, graduate, get a great job, and advance in the business world. So, I was going to do a lucrative summer internship with a large company. This internship would have been a tremendous help for getting into the business school.

God began to show me that He had other plans for me. On Thanksgiving Day, I was playing blocks with my cousins’ kids before dinner. We would build the blocks up, but no matter how hard we tried to build them right, they would always fall down.

When the parents told the kids it was time for Thanksgiving dinner, all of them ran to the table except for one; he was still playing blocks. Over the next few days, I kept thinking about how goofy this kid was for choosing to play blocks instead of eating Thanksgiving dinner.

Then, God showed me that I was the goofy kid. I was sitting there, gawking at the blocks and missing out on an incredible dinner. I was so focused on trying to build up my own plan for my life that I was missing out on the life God has planned for me.

My God was beckoning me to be with Him. He was telling me to throw down my blocks and follow Jesus to the dinner table to be fed and to be used. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with my Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ, than play with blocks all by myself.”

Matt ended up deciding to give up the business internship in order to participate in City Project; a decision made not out of obligation, but joy! He says he believes the Lord has affirmed this decision in countless ways already. “I praise God for this opportunity to serve the Lord, spread the Gospel, and make his name great among the nations.”

When asked what he learned through the recruiting process, Josh replied, “So many of us who want to devote ourselves to making disciples have this desire to lead others to a place where they treasure, love, and adore Christ – yet we can’t seem to find the time to consistently pour into all the lives we want to reach.

Of course God can still use anyone even if they don’t do CP or lead anyone to. However, the Lord brought this question to my mind as I was talking to Matt and others about City Project this year:

What will lead to a greater Gospel impact in someone’s life, a conversation with me a few times a week about Jesus or a commitment to an entire summer being immersed in foundational Biblical teaching, Gospel-centered community, bold evangelism, and deeply engaging life-on-life discipleship?

I recognized that there was only so much I have to offer Matt personally, but God has plans to equip Matt for a lifetime of being greatly used by him to make disciples of all nations. God revealed to me that the greatest way to lead him to reach this calling was by leading him to spend an entire summer of being equipped, trained, and used to make disciples of all nations.”

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