“The Gospel isn’t Only Beautiful, it’s Complete.”

05 Jul “The Gospel isn’t Only Beautiful, it’s Complete.”

So many times I’ve felt too ashamed to go to God either because of sin or just the lack of time spent with Him. I pictured God cringing at my prayers, almost disgusted with my words. I knew the cross meant that all my sins were forgiven but that doesn’t mean I felt it. I just couldn’t understand how God could truly see me as clean and not constantly be disappointed in me. And because I couldn’t understand it, I didn’t believe it.

As weird as this may sound, I actually pictured myself covered in poop when I went to God and thought all He could see was my poop. But God said “Ginny, I took your poop! You’re clean and it doesn’t matter if you feel clean or not because you are. Don’t live a life like you’re dirty when I died to make you clean!”

During City Project this summer, God has been reminding me to stop separating myself from Him. He wants to be with me, and the only thing keeping us apart is me not believing I’m clean enough, not believing I’m good enough. God has also been showing me the things I use to try to cover up my imperfections and where I have been looking to find my worth. He is showing me the worth I have to Him. He died on a cross for me. What more affirmation could I need?!

When He was on that cross, Jesus said, “It is finished.” He didn’t say, “Well my part is done, now it’s up to you.” No, He said it was finished. The Gospel isn’t only beautiful, it’s complete. We don’t have to do anything to present ourselves to God, He did it for us.

And because this is true, I know when I go to God and feel as though He’s rolling His eyes at me or thinking, “oh no, here we go again!” I can remember this::

Jesus traded places with me. So when God looks at me, He sees Jesus – not my sin. Before Jesus, I was child of wrath, but God is the Father of compassion! When He looks at me now, He sees His daughter. He sees me pure and clean, not dirty and covered in poop. It doesn’t matter how much poop I have in my life, because Jesus already took it all. I can rest in the completeness of the gospel. I can rest in His love for me.

I thought I understood the Gospel, but now I see I’m just beginning to. God is opening my eyes to the depths of His love and grace, and I’m ready to share this freeing love with everyone who will listen to me! Just like God is all powerful, He is all loving too and it’s time for the world to know.


Ginny Gilmore is a recent graduate of East Carolina University.

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