City Project: Matt Moore

13 Oct City Project: Matt Moore

Who would think that someone could figure out God’s will for his life through building blocks and Thanksgiving dinner?

Matt Moore, that’s who.

Matt had the summer after his freshman year at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill all planned out. He intended to do a prestigious internship with a large company in order to boost his chances of getting into business school and closer to his goals of wealth, renown and the admiration of peers.

But after setting the stage in Matt’s bible study and through his friend and City Project alum Josh Ferguson, God turned Matt’s plans upside down over a game of blocks before Thanksgiving dinner.

Josh had participated in Summit College’s eight-week program and was eager for his friend Matt to do the same. The two had studied Jesus’ words in Matthew 28.

“Matt was reading in Scripture about how Peter was willing to drop his fishing nets, leave his livelihood behind and follow Jesus because he is worth it,” Josh recalled. “Through these passages, the Lord began to show Matt that one of the things he was being asked to drop to follow Jesus was his plan for the summer.”

On Thanksgiving, as he was playing blocks with his cousins, Matt noticed that as much as they tried to build them up the right way, the blocks would always fall down. As soon as dinner was ready, all of the kids except one abandoned the game. Matt couldn’t stop thinking about the lone kid that chose to keep playing blocks instead of enjoying the Thanksgiving meal.

“God showed me that I was the goofy kid,” Matt said, relating the experience to his summer plans. “I was sitting there, gawking at the blocks and missing out on an incredible dinner. I was so focused on trying to build up my own plan for my life that I was missing out on the life God has planned for me. My God was beckoning me to be with him. He was telling me to throw down my blocks and follow Jesus to the dinner table, to be fed and to be used. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather enjoy Thanksgiving dinner with my Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ, than to play with blocks all by myself.”

Matt did as God called; he joyfully gave up the lucrative internship and chose to serve God with City Project.

“I praise God for this opportunity to serve the Lord, spread the Gospel and make his name great among the nations,” he said.

Josh echoed those sentiments.

“So many of us who want to devote ourselves to making disciples have this desire to lead others to a place where they treasure, love and adore Christ – yet we can’t seem to find time to consistently pour into all of the lives we want to reach.”

On our own? Josh is right, we can’t. But God can. As in Matt’s case, God can turn a game of building blocks and a willing heart into an amazing opportunity to reach others, tell them about the hope they’ve found in Jesus, and do as Jesus commanded: make disciples.

City Project changed Matt’s life and set him on the trajectory of leveraging his whole life for the gospel of Jesus Christ among all nations. The Holy Spirit continues to use these eight weeks of City Project to do the same in dozens of students each summer.

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