Semester Missions: Daniel Bonar

13 Oct Semester Missions: Daniel Bonar

Daniel Bonar participated in City Project with Summit College and says he will never be the same again.

“The City Project was a life-changing experience that impacted me both personally and spiritually. It was the most enjoyable summer of my life but more importantly, my relationship with Christ grew exponentially. I was able to see how I fit into his plan to reconcile all things on this earth back to himself.”

As part of the international portion of City Project, Daniel spent two weeks in Taipei, Taiwan, working with local missionaries to bring the gospel to the unreached college students of the city. It was during this time that God cultivated in Daniel a heart for the nations and showed him the power of the gospel to work in and through people.

Upon meeting, and eventually forming relationships with the students in Taipei, it became apparent to Daniel that God had been working behind the scenes, preparing the hearts of his Taiwanese friends long before he arrived.

“I had always believed in my head that God was omnipotent, but I had never seen this face-to-face until now. This shattered my hard heart, allowing me to see myself in the faces of these students. Just like I once was, they were desperately seeking something to fill the empty void in their souls.”

Over the course of those two weeks, Daniel saw Christ move in the lives of those students, and was privileged to see three trust Christ as their Savior.

“The sight of God calling his lost sons and daughters back into his kingdom blew me away, and I knew that I wanted to be a part of seeing the local church, God’s “Plan A” for reaching the nations, planted all over the world that many more may come to know his saving grace!”

To do this, Daniel has decided to leverage six months of his life through the International Mission Board’s Hands On program to go proclaim his name to the nations.

“I have experienced the greatness of Christ’s love in my life and in the lives of others, and I want to respond with complete and immediate obedience. May God help me to be unto others as he has been to me. I want my summers, my semesters, and my life to count for the sake of the gospel around the world!”

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