Sent: Part 2

01 Jul Sent: Part 2

Tomorrow, our City Project students are scattering to 11 different cities across the world for the next two weeks.

After the past four weeks learning, growing, and serving in Durham through classes, discipleship groups, internships, and missional hangouts, we are geared up and ready to apply lots of the practical truth and training we’ve been receiving to serve our international field partners and their cities.

As we head out, we have created  two-week prayer guide with daily specific points and scripture references that you can use to guide you as you partner with us in prayer. The guide is written her and the title is also linked to a Google doc that can be downloaded for easier access!

We cannot stress enough the value of your partnership in prayer! We know scripturally that we have an enemy who is actively seeking our destruction (1 Peter 5:8), who hates that there are 145 people going quite literally to the ends of the earth to proclaim the gospel to those who have never heard. And we know that apart from the power of the spirit of God and the prayers of his people, we will not have the power in and of ourselves to resist the enemy and remain firm in our faith and faithful in obedience to Christ. So we desperately need your prayers! Even though we are all far from one another, through prayer we are able to partner in one spirit as the universal Church, pleading before our good and mighty Father that he might be glorified among the nations!

14-Day Prayer Guide

July 1/2: Pray for each team as they travel to their respective locations. Pray for protection over all the logistics, flexibility in any circumstance, and opportunities to proclaim the gospel in word and in deed to the people we’ll encounter en-route.

July 3: Pray for the teams adjustment to their new cities. Pray for each of us to be humble learners and embrace new cultures with grace and adaptability.

July 4: Pray for us to count each day throughout our trips a success based on being with Jesus. Pray Mark 3:14, that we would see in a new way how our primary calling as disciples is to be with him and abide in Him.

July 5: Pray John 15:5, that as we abide in Jesus daily we would see all the more clearly that we can do nothing apart from Jesus and rejoice in this!

July 6: Pray that throughout our trips we would each be steadfast, immovable, abounding the work the Lord puts before us, confident that in the Lord our labor is never in vain! (1 Corinthians 15:58)

July 7: Pray for unity of each team. Pray Romans 15:5-6, that God would grant the ability to live in harmony with one another that they may glorify Christ together.

July 8: Pray that in a very practical way, each person would count the others more significant than themselves, and would look to the interests of others above their own.

July 9: Pray for the cities that we are serving! Pray that the kingdom of God would come in each place as it is in heaven. (Matthew 6:10)

July 10: Pray for the long-term field partners we are serving with. Pray that they would know the nearness of God as their strength each day, and would find fullness of joy in his presence. (Psalm 16:11)

July 11: Pray that the national believers seeking to proclaim Christ in their home countries. Pray that like the man in Mark 5:19-20, they would boldly go to their friends and tell how much the Lord has done for them.

July 12: Pray Habakkuk 2:14, that the glory of the Lord would fill all the earth as the waters fill the sea!

July 13: Pray Colossians 4:2, that a door would be opened for each team to declare the mystery of Christ in their cities!

July 14: Pray that as the teams near the end of their time on the field, they would count Jesus, not their lives, as valuable and precious, and would finish their course and the ministry they received to testify to the gospel! (Acts 20:24)

July 15/16: Continue to pray along with our teams as they return home, regardless of what they saw and experienced on the field, that Revelation 5:9-10 WILL be a reality across the world – pray that very soon we would see every tribe and language and people and nation would proclaim the worthiness of Christ!

  • Sandra B. Moore
    Posted at 14:07h, 01 July Reply

    Julie, what an experience! !Of course I will be praying for you and all involved. I will also ask God to be wuth you n bring you safely home!

  • Ashley morrison
    Posted at 11:12h, 13 July Reply

    I’m praying for you all now!

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