Sent: Part 3

24 Jul Sent: Part 3

GoNow 2017 has officially come to a close. Our students have been sent to New York, to Durham, and across the globe! They’ve seen people cross from death to life, they’ve learned to count Jesus as more precious than anything, they’ve prayed with desperation and seen God move mightily in response. But as we spent last week debriefing with all of our students as they were reunited after 2 (or 8!) weeks international, we were primarily preparing to them out again to some of the most strategic places and important places in the world: back to their college campuses.

In a few weeks, thousands of people from all across the world will flood the grounds of NC State, UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, Meredith, North Carolina Central and Wake Tech. Thousands of people who are searching for meaning and purpose, thousands of people who are the future leaders of our community and our world, thousands of people who can be reached with the gospel as easily as we can sit down and introduce ourselves to a stranger in our classes or in the student union. After spending an entire summer being trained and equipped to carry the gospel to the nations, our students now have the unique opportunity to carry the gospel to the nations that God has brought right to the doorsteps of their dorms.

As our GoNow students scatter back to their respective campuses, will you continue to pray with us? Pray that our students would continue to fight to abide daily in Christ, acutely aware that apart from Him they can do nothing. Pray that they would be united, a family that is quick to welcome others in as Christ has welcomed us. Pray that they would be found faithful in every area of their lives, in how they work and study and serve. Pray that bold proclamation of the gospel would be an act of worship, an overflow of hearts that delight to do the will of the God who delights in them. And pray that God would bare his holy arm and reach out to draw many out of death and into life on our campuses this year!



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